C Series- Super High Pressure Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger C series is specially designed for the evaporator, condenser, economizer and oil cooler in R744 (CO2) heat pump and refrigeration system. Different designs with max. working pressure 70 bar, 100 bar and 140 bar are available for various

E/ F Series Low Pressure Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger E/ F series is aiming at the specification of small volume water to water application. E series is flat cover plate design and F series economical design_ also, multi-pass pattern are available upon different working conditions and requests.

K Series-Standard Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger K series is the series with the most complete range in sizes and widely used in various applications. (Note: K※※※S: 45 bar, K215: Dual Circuit- 6 connections) Main application: HVAC, Heat Pump, Chiller, Oil Cooler, Processing Cooling and Heating